Case Studies

Market evaluation and identification of new customer needs

The Challenge:

An American Company with an innovative product and a well established market in the US was presented in the UK market but without much success.

The client wanted to take a second shot at the market but this time prior to making an entry, decided to study the potential in an in-depth manner, and determine the ways of functioning in this market.

The Achievement:

The first stage consisted of providing information about certain companies with project management and ILS capabilities to act as local partners.

During the second stage DE&M Consultancy prepared a complex and comprehensive report regarding the company promotion into particular segments of the market in the UK and Scandinavian Countries.

The final part of the project was the establishment of a working plan and determination of potential companies to approach in order to create sales and presence for the product in the European market

As a result of our detailed analysis, giving real insider knowledge about the market DE&M identified a need for a new product which has been developed and is being promoted separately in the US and in Europe.

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