Case Studies

Envelop Protective Covers - UK market penetration

The Challenge:

Shield Technologies Corporation manufacture Envelop Protective Covers which are custom-fitted, durable, and waterproof covers. Yet they are also breathable, allowing moisture to evaporate from underneath, preventing corrosion, as well as protect any exposed system against other environmental degradations.
Shield, who has a well established market in the US, approached DE&M Consultancy to support the penetration into the European market.

The Achievement:
As Envelop covers are not one of the UK MoD immediate requirements, DE&M Consultancy introduced the product to the UK MOD and to the relevant local industries.
In parallel, Consultants through our network of partner consultancies established awareness of Envelop Protective Covers in the Scandinavian countries as well.
As a result of our activities, several industries integrated Envelop protective covers into their quotations and an UK international company, which is a leader in surveillance and protection, has added Envelop protective covers to their inventory, after also successfully convincing the customer that these covers will have a significant ILS cost reduction as well as enhance the operational readiness.

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